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Category: Science

9 Jun

Awareness about Zika Virus | Sumit Pareek

  As you may already know that now a days, the most spotted and spreaded disease is Zika virus, which is first found in Brazil. First patient of zika was found in May, 2015 at Brazil, but now it subsequently spread to America and Caribbean, and for it American Health Organization (PAHO) was madean alert. […]
9 Jun

Plastic Eating Insects | Shrirang M

  From many years, Environmental Biologists are working on plastic degrading bacteria, but the results were not as satisfactory as expected, hence, these people proposed biodegradable plastic. But there are some insect pest those who are found to be digesting the plastic. These insects does not eat platic in natural habitat. But when these insects […]
8 Jun

Malika Ahuja shares Basic Hygience tips during Menstruation

Menstruation is a time of major risk of infection for women, including sexually transmitted infections. This increased risk of infection occurs because the mucus that usually blocks the cervix opens during menstruation so as to allow blood to pass out of the body. This makes it possible for bacteria to travel up into the uterus […]